Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Happy Birthday Ann

Today would have been my daughters 31st birthday. She was born at 12:15 pm, a great mid-day birth. So this post is just 15 minutes past her exact time of arrival.

She was a precious daughter, and her life has given me so much to dwell on. But even though she is not here to enjoy it, I still think of today with fondness and happy times.

So Happy Birthday Ann

I look forward to when we will see each other again.

She is beautiful
What a beautiful girl.
She looks like a fun, sweet girl. And you, sir, sound like a pretty sweet guy (yes, MAN! :) yourself!
What a pretty girl!
She was beautiful. I am sure she is by your side every day and is waiting until you can see her again. Happy Birthday Ann. You have a wonderful father.
oh dude. She's my age.

I'm so sorry. She's looks like she was so very fun.
What a lovely young lady. I am so sorry and pained by your loss.
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