Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A Second Generation

Welcome to "Shadoe", our latest pet. We wanted a dog that wasnt like Bandit, and we found her with this papered German Shepard. Her papered name will be "Princess Shadoe Longtail." Full AKC pooch, all dog, no wolf in her, she eats food but cares less if you take it from her, not at all like Bandit.

She is currently 5 months old, her parents are both large GSD (German Shepard Dogs) and right now she is 52 lbs. We figure she will push 85 pounds full grown. She has a sable coat. Very silky and smooth. Right now she is a typical puppy, long and gangly, but she is getting powerful and she loves to run. Needs a pinch collar to be manageable on walks, but she is getting better at it. She is both scared and curious, when she sees something new she is hesitant at first, but after the first look, then she is fearless about it. Well, we dont know about baths, so that may change. But unlike Bandit, who never had a bath his whole life, and never even liked getting his feet wet, Shadoe likes water, mud, its all the same to her.

She has completed two rounds of dog training classes with a third one later this summer.

Here is to a long companionship.

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