Friday, March 29, 2013



My chemo walk continues. With a bit of a diversion.  I had finished the 3rd session of the Folfirinox and it was time for the CT scan.  I had taken a week extra off so I could get a catarct removed from my right eye.  WOW, that was great.  One of those few medical procedures that had instant and tremendous results.  So I went to see the oncologist for what would have been the start of the second round of Folfirinox and he said the blood numbers arent good, so there will be no chemo today.  OK, I said, what about the results from the CT scan.  Then he starts in by saying in very measured words, you know, when a man is caught in a lie by his significant other, and he is trying to say yeah I did it, but not in so many words. Yeah that kind of measured wording.  I said, what are you trying to say, he says, the tumor has doubled.  Doubled I say, well, actually two and a half times bigger he adds.  OK, so instead of Folfirinox being like Roundup to a weed, it was more like Miracle gro to a flower.  So he said, we will start Plan B next week.  I said isnt Plan B lesser than A.  He said that sometimes its not the obvious one that works.  I saw him again yesterday for my labs and visit, and when I asked him what options are out there if Plan B doesnt work, he said, there are clinical trials out there.  So, its this or nothing I said, he repeated that there are clinical trials out there.  Read between the lines, some person 3 years from now may get Plan C which will be an outgrowth of todays clinical trials.  So today, in about an hour I go to the chemo place and get Plan B. I hope this cocktail is shaken and not stirred.

Monday, March 18, 2013



We have two doggies.  The 3 year old; Shadoe, is a papered german shepard.  The 2 year old; Stormy, is a pound puppy, but at 72 pounds, she isnt a puppy now.  Each have a crate, each located in the same room apart by 8 feet or so with the table between the two.  Shadoe's crate is slightly longer, sider and higher and has a thick bed.  Stormy has a smaller crate and just a heavy throw blanket.  Stormy will get in Shadoes unoccupied crate 9 pm, the time my wife takes them out for their last days business.  Shadoe will then lay in front of the smaller crate.  Shadoe isnt motivated by food that much, but Stormy is always motivated by food.  So while Stormy is in Shadoes crate, if either me or my wife go to the kitchen for something after 9, Stormy HAS to leave the crate and come in to check, she might score some food.  Then Shadoe will get up and get in her own crate.  Then Stormy is lost, she will go to the front of Shadoes crate and look in, but Shadoe will not budge, so Stormy will sulk and lay down under the table. Here is where it gets funny.  Once we turn out the bedroom lights Shadoe will then leave her crate and go to sleep in the recliner in the living room, which is where she sleeps all the time from when she was a puppy.  Stormy, who is not allowed in the chair unless a person is in the chair, and they dont mind this 72 pound lap dog to suddenly launch into their lap, allows Stormy to go back to Shadoes crate. Its like two sisters at 17 and 16 laying claim to the same blouse. 

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