Friday, October 27, 2006


Dark Fury

Dark Fury

The whispering wind whips beyond the dimly settled rays of another days light gone dark without you

Shadows stand starkly in the hues of dusk where you once stood in the face of the sun

Now gray shadows and sounds of the whippoorwill stand out against the silent rush of night

Winters warmth on the face of death again reminds me of the day when you were here

How the feel of cold soil on the warm hand brings crisply the picture of your life at the door

When you were the brightest object in my life, and your voice was the sound that by itself

Could silence the sounds of a hurricanes fury, but now, that is all gone

And the only remembrance of you rests in my mind, and a few trinkets gathered along the way

And they too will dim from my memory, but still in the end

You were the light, the sound and the source of my happiness, my tomorrow and my future

Now so silently, quickly and undeniably taken from me,

Leaving me with the shadow on the ground were once you stood.

Dedicated to Ann May 13 1977 to Dec 6 1992

Very beautiful.

I'm sorry about your daughter.

I get it.

I wish I didn't.

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